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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Scrapping with Newspaper Clippings

Recently someone asked about scrapping with newspaper clippings, so I decided to go back through some of my heritage albums and look for examples.  First a quick note about my scrapping philosophy when it comes to Heritage Albums.  I choose to avoid using adhesive directly on any of my heirloom photos or documents.  This has required creativity on my part, but even with "acid free" adhesives, I feel my heirloom items are safer this way.  I routinely use clear photo corners - sometimes mounted with them showing, sometimes mounted to the reverse of a frame to hold an element in a way that will be invisible behind the frame.  I also recommend spraying your clippings with archival spray to help protect them.

These first two pages make use of punched borders and punched/cut elements (stars, ghost, arrows, titles).  The ghost and titles were cut with my Silhouette.  I hand-cut the arrows.  As you can see, I cut the arrows long enough so I could anchor them to the paper beyond the clipping (no adhesive touching the clipping itself).  The arrows point to the names of people of interest in the articles. As you can see, the paper I used for the second page was sort of "color blocked" in the way it was designed, and I made use of that in my layout.

This next example is a page that is pretty much all newspaper clipping!  As you can see, I printed my title on a coordinating strip of paper (actually printed the title, then cut it into a strip!) and punched a couple of shapes out of it (letting the background show through).  These shapes, along with a couple of others, form a bit of a border at the top of the page.

Today's examples show pages where there isn't much besides the newspaper clippings.  My next post will show some pages that combine photos with newspaper clippings.  

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Newspaper clippings: 
  • Here's a layout that has the newspaper article from when my grandmother was hit by a car as a child. I used the actual newspaper clipping here - spraying it with archival spray and attaching it with clear photo corners so it wouldn't be ruined by the addition of adhesive. 
  • Here's a scrapbook page with a newspaper clipping that had a photo (though it's a copy of the clipping and much more recent).
Other old documents:

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