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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Gelatos Play

Well, I did it again!  I forgot to take pictures of the cards I made & sent out in a hurry the beginning of the week - 3 birthday cards, 2 belated! Oh well, those WERE to have been the subject of today's post, but obviously that won't be happening.  One of the cards was made using papers similar to those shown above, so I decided to talk about my "playing with Gelatos" that resulted in those papers.

It started with some backgrounds I'd seen posted on the Paper Wishes Message Board that had been done using gelatos, embossing folders, and a sanding block.  The process is pretty simple:
  1. Scribble gelatos on your card stock.
  2. Blend with a baby wipe.
  3. Place in an embossing folder and run through your machine.
  4. Let dry - then sand lightly to remove color from the raised areas.  
That's pretty much what I did in the examples in the next couple of pictures - though I only sanded some of them. 

I experimented with a variety of colors & different embossing folders.  I really like this technique.  It's quick and easy and since I used a fairly wet baby wipe, the card stock was damp when it went through the machine so the embossed image was GREAT!  You can see on the blue one below what it looks like when you REALLY sand off the top layer.  The red one below was one I tried on glossy card stock.  Not the best, as the Gelatos could rub off if you tried hard, but they actually held better than expected. 

On the last one - the green one, you can see that I tried something a little different.  I had started thinking about how I might color a second sheet of card stock in a similar color and create coordinating focals.  I decided on some greetings/messages.  I stamped them with VersaMark ink and heat embossed the messages with white embossing powder before scribbling with Gelatos and blending with the baby wipe (didn't use an embossing folder with this one).  You can see a better view of it in the picture below:

Well, that embossing reminded me of my Color Me papers from HOTP (and similar product from other companies).  So, I just HAD to try it with some of those. The picture below shows a couple samples: 

I found I really wasn't as happy with the ColorMe papers done this way.  I've decided that when it comes to this type of product, I preferred to scribble the color on my craft sheet & pick it up with a water brush to apply it.  This allows me to be more precise in my application.  The picture at the top of this post shows several done with the water brush (they were from a ColorMe card topper set (HOTP).

Well, there's some of my gelato play.  Hopefully I'll soon find time to use some of these in cards (and remember to take pictures this time)!!!

HD Christmas Classics - Xmas Greetings #5

The last card in this set is an interlocking gate fold card.  

  • 5" x 6.5" white card blank
  • Hunkydory Christmas Classics - Christmas Greetings Topper Set
  • Turquoise & Gold Foiled paper - not sure who makes this and it's not really Christmas paper, but it goes SO WELL! (I got it in a paper swap).
  • Light aqua glimmer paper

  1. Card Base - Score 2 1/2" from each edge and fold with edges just meeting in the middle as for a standard gate fold. Crease well with bone folder.
  2. Background - Cut patterned paper to 5" x 6" - then cut in half so you have two pieces that are 2.5" x 6". Glue in place on the card front - aligning with the top of the card.  Cut 2 1/2" pieces of the border strip & glue below paper.  If some of the card still shows below the border, trim card blank to fit.
  3. Interlocking Focal & Sentiment - Center frame and glue to just the left side of the card.  Center focal inside frame and glue to just the right side of the card.  Add sentiment to frame and glue just to frame and left side of the card (making sure no glue from this step can touch the right side of the card!).
  4. Inside (see below) - Cut a piece of glimmer paper just smaller than the inside of the card.  Glue in place.  Cut remaining strip of patterned paper in half lengthwise and add as border on either side.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

HD Christmas Classics - Xmas Greetings #4

This 4th card in the Xmas Greetings topper set from HD started with the sledding strip from the patterned card stock.  The rest of that sheet didn't work well for what I had in mind, so I also used some of the patterned card stock from the Christmas is coming topper set.

  • White 5" x 7" card blank
  • Hunkdydory Christmas Classics Luxury Card Collection - Christmas Greetings and Christmas Is Coming topper sets
  • Clear Adhesive glitter sheet
  • Gold Metallic Sharpie
  1. Card Base - Instead of folding card in the middle, score it on either side of it so it divides into 3rds (3 1/3 inches from each side).  Fold first as mountain, second as valley to create a standard tro-fold card.
  2. Card Front - Cut sledding strip from patterned card stock and cover with clear adhesive glitter sheet.  Measure 1 3/4" from top and cut.  Using a straight edge & gold metallic Sharpie, draw a narrow gold frame around each side.  Set smaller piece aside for inside of card and glue the large one in place - centered on card front.  Add sentiment with foam tape.
  3. Card Inside - Cut 3" wide strip of patterned card stock (from Christmas is Coming) - trim 1 3/4" from top and center largest piece on middle panel of card.  Center small piece at top & piece from card front at bottom of the 3rd panel, leaving room for your message. 

Monday, October 30, 2017

HD Christmas Classics - Xmas Greetings #3

Third card in this Xmas Greetings topper set is a shaker card.

  • Hunkydory Christmas Classics - Christmas Greetings topper set
  • Fun Foam piece (from dollar store)
  • Clear Acetate (from packaging materials)
  • Double-sided Adhesive (Elizabeth Crafts)
  • Brown StazOn ink
  • Gold Metallic Sharpie
  • Larger pieces of clear glitter
  1. Background - Cut a piece of patterned card stock a bit smaller than your card front.  Ink the edges with Brown StazOn.  Then using a ruler, draw narrow borders with the Sharpie pen so it looks like you matted the piece on gold (you definitely save on Mirri board this way!).  Center on card front and glue in place.
  2. Focal (uses 3 pieces from the topper set) - Cut a piece of fun foam just smaller than the largest frame.  Cut pieces of double-sided adhesive sheets & add to front and back of this fun foam (leaving outside protective sheet in place).  Tape the smaller frame & focal together on the back side, so they move as one piece.  Using removable adhesive, center focal on fun foam piece behind frame - then trace around it.  Fussy cut out center using a craft knife and/or scissors.  At this point, depending on the color of your fun foam, you may choose to take the gold Sharpie and color all the edges of the fun foam so an odd color won't be visible in your finished piece.  Now, cut clear acetate to size and glue behind large frame.  Then remove one side of paper backing from the adhesive on the fun foam and carefully center large frame in place so no edges are showing.  Take taped focal piece, and (using larger frame to help you) decide on proper placement and glue in place.  Carefully add a bit of clear glitter in the center of this focal (go easy on this step - I thought I did, but I still got too much!).  Then remove final adhesive backing sheet and glue acetate frame in place - being careful with placement.  Now the glitter is loose within the fun foam hole - trapped between the focal and the acetate.
  3. Border & Sentiment (both from topper set) - Cut piece from border strip & glue in place about half-way between the bottom of the shaker frame and the bottom of the background piece.  Add sentiment with foam tape.
  4. Inside - Cut a couple of small strips of the patterned card stock, ink the edges & frame with Sharpie as before.  Glue in place as borders on either side of the inside of the card.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

HD Christmas Classics - Xmas Greetings #2

This card, 2nd in the Christmas Greetings topper set of HD Christmas Classics Luxury Card Collection, actually starts with patterned card stock that had been designed to go with the Nativity topper set!  Somehow I got them mixed up, but this works!

  • Hunkydory Christmas Classics Luxury Card Collection (Christmas Greetings and The Nativity topper sets)
  • The Essential Book of Christmas Sentiments 2016 
  • Scalloped Oval die from Spellbinders set
  • Red Jewel Dazzles
  • Gold Metallic Sharpie pen
  1. Card Base - I started by cutting the patterned card stock 5" up from the bottom edge. Using the die for placement, I laid out where I wanted to topper to sit - marked vertical center and drew a light pencil line.  I then drew another light pencil line parallel and to the right of that one so there was just a bit of the die cut (approx 1/2") hanging over the 2nd line.  Next I taped the die in place and ran it through my machine twice - making sure that the top plate in the sandwich was aligned so that either side would cut but not the center.  (See video example here - though she did score lines & I just did pencil lines at this stage.)  Finally, score on pencil lines above and below where the die cut - but not in the middle.  Fold 1st line as mountain and 2nd as valley (noting the way the center portion "flip flops" when you do this!).  Finish this step by trimming excess off right edge to create a finished size of 5" x 7".
  2. Focal, Front - Before mounting the die cut with double stick foam tape, color all around the edge with the gold Sharpie to form a gold mat. 
  3. Focal, Inside (see picture below) - Glue frame to piece of coordinating plain paper & fussy cut around it before gluing in place.  Add greeting from Essential Book & then draw a "hanging thread" using the gold Sharpie.  Add 2 small Jewel Dazzles top and bottom of this "thread".
  4. Finishing - Add border strips (from die cut sheet) and Jewel Dazzles on either side.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

HD Christmas Classics - Xmas Greeting #1

This  card is the first of those created from the HD Christmas Classics Luxury Card Collection - using the Christmas Greetings topper set.  For this one, I used my own prepared card stock for the background

  • Hunkydory Christmas Classics Luxury Card Collection - Christmas Greetings topper set
  • White 5" x 7" card blank
  • White card stock
  • M-Bossabilities Imperial 5" x 7" embossing folder
  • Spellbinders Decorative Labels Eight die
  • Gold-edged 1/8" White Satin Ribbon from my stash
  • Gelatos - Silver Ice, Gold Champagne, Metallic Mint, Aqua Dolce
  • Baby Wipes
  • Sanding Block

  • Background - Cut a piece of white card stock that is 8 1/2" x 5".  Scribble gelatos over it, then blend with a baby wipe.  While still damp, emboss with M-Bossabilities folder and let dry.  Sand with a sanding block to remove color from raised areas.
  • Focal - punch out piece from topper set & mat with white card stock cut with Decorative Labels Eight die.
  • Card Base - Card blank prepared as a standard Center Step card (see here), dimensions on this one are: step 1", sides 1 3/4". 
  • Front - Cut background at 5" x 7", then cut away sides to fit card front.  Attach ribbon to lower edge, wrapping ends around to back - then attach background to card front.  Add prepared focal with foam tape & then greeting (also from topper set) - also with foam tape.
  • Sides - The side pieces you cut off should be just the right size to cover the sides of hte card front.  Once again, add ribbon - on either edge this time - wrapping around to back as before before attaching to card base.
  • Inside - Take remaining 5" x 1.5" piece of prepared background and cut it in half lengthwise.  Add ribbon as before and attach to inside of card for borders.

Friday, October 27, 2017

HD Christmas Classics - Robin and Friends #5

Compared to most of my most recent cards, this card is really simple.  But it's still nice!  This makes the 5th card from the Robin & Friends topper set from Hunkydory Christmas Classics Luxury Card Collection.

  • Hunkydory Christmas Classics Luxury Card Collection - Robin and Friends topper set
  • Hunkydory's Essential Book of Christmas Sentiments 2016
  • White card blank & additional small scrap of white card stock
  • Ribbon from my stash
  • Spellbinders Decorative Labels Eight
  1. Card Front - Cut piece of patterned card stock with border so that it is just smaller than the front of the card base.  Wrap 1/8" wide gold-edged white ribbon around border and glue in place - then glue whole piece to card front.  Add ribbon bow.  Sentiment (from Essentials book) is edged with silver so I colored it with a gold Sharpie so it would blend better with the gold foiled card.  I matted it on white card stock that was die cut with a die from Spellbinders Decorative Labels Eight - then attached to card front with foam tape.
  2. Inside - remaining piece of border decorated card stock is glued to the bottom of the page.  Small focal is glued to that (from die cut sheet).  Finally a tag is added (from Essentials book - edged with Gold Sharpie as before) - after a small piece of ribbon was attached.