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Monday, October 23, 2017

HD Christmas Classics - Robin & Friends #1

Today's card is from the 4th topper set in the Hunkydory Christmas Classics Luxury Card Collection - the one called "Robin and Friends".  I came across this "inverted" center step card the other day and just had to try it.  It's super easy.  For the card base - instead of the step being on the outside, we move it to the inside.  This sets the center portion back instead of the edges - though I'm not sure how well you can see it in the picture above.  (Perhaps you can see the depth better in the last picture in this post.

  • Hunkydory Christmas Classics Luxury Card Collection
  • Essential Book of Christmas Sentiments 2016
  • Cream colored card base for 5" x 7" card
  • Red Glitter foam from the dollar store
  • Ribbon from my stash
  • foam tape

  1. Card Base - In the picture above, the dotted lines represent scored lines, and the sold represent cut lines (though please make them straighter than I could get in the picture!!!! )  The two score lines on the outer edges of the cut lines are along the original score line of your card.  I started with a 5"x 7" finished card size.  Score line A in this case is 1" from the lower edge, score line B is 1" above that.  Score line C is 1" past the original center score line.  Cut lines are equidistant from the edges - in this case I cut them 1 1/4" from the edge.  As you can see, they run from scoreline A to scoreline C.  All folds are mountain folds except for scoreline B.
  2. Sides & Lower Step - I cut a piece of Gold Mirri card stock at 5" x 7" - then cut out a piece in the upper center portion that was 4" x 4 1/2" so it perfectly fit the sides & lower step. I glued that in place, then added a strip of glitter foam tape - then added a greeting from the die cut sheet using foam tape.
  3. Center Portion of Card Front - I cut a piece of patterned card stock (from a previous topper kit in this same set) 4 1/2" x 4" and glued in place before adding the topper with foam tape.
  4. Finishing Front - Finally, I added a little greeting from the Essential book to the upper left corner with foam tape.
  5. Inside:  On the inside I took two strips of the patterned card stock and glued a 1/4" cream colored ribbon down the center of each strip (wrapping ends around to the back and gluing in place).  Then I centered pieces of 1/8" shiny gold ribbon down the center of the cream colored ribbon and glued in place - again wrapping the ends to the back.  Now I simply glued the strips in place as borders on each side of the inside of this card.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

HD Christmas Classics - The Nativity #4

This is the 4th card from the "The Nativity" card topper set - made as a center step card.  Sometimes my card designing process is a bit unusual.  This one was a case in point.  I first decided I wanted a card topper that was 3 3/4" x 5" in size.  Why?  Because the border I wanted to use at the bottom was only 3 3/4" wide!  As I was playing around with elements on the card topper, I realized that rather than making such a small card, what I wanted to do was use the topper as the center piece of a center step card!  Once I knew that, the rest was pretty easy.

  • Hunkydory Christmas Classics Luxury Card Kit - The Nativity topper set
  • Star embossed cream colored paper from "hand made" paper kit I got at Costco years ago.
  • The Essential Book of Christmas Sentiments 2016 (Hunkydory)
  • Cream colored 5" x 7" card base

  • Card Structure: I followed the standard procedure for making a center step card - making the front step 1" tall and calculating how wide the sides needed to be to leave me with 3 3/4" in the center portion.
  • Center Panel: Often I make the side of the front step a part of the center - cutting patterned paper to cover it all in one piece.  This time, I decided to do things differently.  The center panel goes all the way to the bottom of the step, but is straight on the sides, leaving the side portions of the step uncovered.  I cut a piece of the embossed "hand-made" paper that was 3 3/4" wide and 5" tall.  I glued my left-over border piece (the rest of it was glued to the bottom of Nativity card #2) to the bottom of this panel.  I centered the focal elements in the remaining space and glued them in place - the wise men piece on foam tape.  Then I added a sentiment (from the Essential book) using more foam tape.
  • Sides: Taking the remaining piece of border print card stock, I cut two 1/2" strips of the gold foiled portion - just a little shorter than 4" long.  That left a just a bit of the foiled border on the remaining patterned card stock.  I cut this at 1" tall and then into two pieces approximately 1 3/4" wide to form the sides of the front step.  I then cut two matching pieces from the remaining patterned card stock - each about 1 3/4" x 4" - just the size of my sides.  I glued the 1/2" foiled strips down the center, then added gold-edged ribbon (from my stash) on either side of the foiled piece - wrapping ends around to the back before gluing the whole in place on the sides of the card.
  • Inside: The inside has borders done in a similar way as the sides - except the center part of the border is not foiled, but is in fact made from scraps that coordinate but were from my stash rather than the kit.  After gluing them in place I added a couple of sentiments (from Essential book) - one at top left and one at bottom right.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

HD Christmas Classics - The Nativity #3

The third card from The Nativity topper set was a Angled Z-fold card.  This is what it looked like closed:

As you can see, I also made a matching envelope for it. as it was a less common sized card.

  • Hunkydory Christmas Classics Luxury Card Collection - The Nativity topper set
  • Leftover card stock from the Hunkydory Cute Christmas Luxury Card Collection
  • Gold Ripple Holographic paper
  • Blue patterned paper from my stash

  • Card Base - I scored a piece of coordinating card stock (from the kit) in 3rds, folded it like a Z (accordion fold), then opened it back up and cut the top off at an angle - tallest on the right side of the page.  The cut line went approximately from the upper right corner, to a spot 3 1/4" from the top on the left side. (I could have cut the angle first so the left over piece wasn't folded, but I wanted to see what it looked like folded to get an idea of how steep an angle I wanted to cut.)
  • Card Front - Since I used such a pretty piece of printed card stock, I didn't need to do too much to make a pretty card.  I matted the greeting (from the kit) onto blue patterned paper from my stash, then onto gold ripple holographic paper.  A strip of the gold paper was also added hanging from the top so it looks like it's holding the greeting. 
  • Behind the Card Front - since the back of the middle section is visible when the card is closed, I glued a piece of coordinating card stock (leftover from Cute Christmas kit) on the back of this section.  It doesn't go all the way to the bottom, but really doesn't need to as only the top part of it is visible.
  • Inside - Above the manger scene I added another tag (from the kit).  The I cut out a "guiding star" from the ripple holographic paper & glued it above the manger.

Friday, October 20, 2017

HD Christmas Classics - The Nativity #2

A few days ago (on the 16th) I posted a Gate Fold Marquee card made from The Nativity card topper set (Hunkydory Christmas Classics Luxury Card Collection).  This is the 2nd card made from that set.  It is an easel card.

  • HD Christmas Classics Luxury Card Collection
  • HD The Essential Book of Christmas Sentiments 2016
  • 5" x 7" white card base
  • Card Base:  I folded along the pre-scored line as usual.  Then I scored & folded the card FRONT in half again parallel to the other fold.  
  • Card Front: I cut a piece 7" wide from coordinating adorable scorable card stock.  I cut it 5" high and set the remaining border piece aside for the inside of the card.  I glued my 5" x 7" piece to just the BOTTOM HALF of the card front.  I glued a border strip (from the kit) along the bottom.  Centered the focal die cut and added it with foam tape.  Then added the sentiment (from the Essential book) - again with foam tape.
  • Inside: I glued the border piece (left over from card front) to the bottom of the inside of the card.  The only other thing it needed was a sentiment (from Essential book) on foam tape to serve as a stopper to hold the easel card as seen in the picture above.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

HD Christmas Classics - Xmas Cocoa #3 & #4

Card Number 3 of Christmas Cocoa (from HD Christmas Classics Luxury Card Collection) is a Center Step card (for directions on making the basic shape, see here).  

  • Hunkydory Christmas Classics Luxury Card Collection - Christmas Cocoa set
  • Essential Book of Christmas Sentiments 2016 (Hunkydory)
  • Gold Dazzles - 63 Thin Line Borders, Jewel Borders (used diamond shaped "innies")
  • 1/4" cream colored satin ribbon
  • Card Base: Follow basic directions for center step card - making each side 1 7/8" wide and the front step 1" tall.
  • Card Front: Cut 1" wide border strip from patterned card stock (HD kit) and glue across bottom of card on the front step.  Center rectagular die cut (from kit) on card front and glue in place.  Add additional pieces of cocoa picture with foam tape (paper tole style).  
  • Card Sides: Cut two strips that are 1 1/4" x 3 7/8" from red star patterned card stock (from kit).  Glue short piece of ribbon to center of these strips, wrapping it around to the back and gluing in place.  Now place each strip in the center of one of the sides and glue in place.  Using fine-line Dazzles, add gold lines on either side of each ribbon piece and on either side of each card stock strip as per picture.  Finish by adding the diamond shaped "innies" from the Jewel Borders to add interest down the center of the ribbon.
  • Finishing: Add sentiment at an angle partially off the card front and glue in place (ONLY to the card front).  Finish the inside as you wish.  I didn't take a picture, but I finished it with a strip of patterned card stock that had the rest of the green border across the bottom of the inside.  I added a couple of brown fine-line Dazzles at the bottom & between the green & the cream.  Then I added more diamond Dazzle innies along the top edge.  A rectangle of the red with stars was a mat for another small sentiment that I placed in the upper left corner.  Another sentiment - this one a bit longer and thinner fit nicely in the lower right corner of the border.

Card Number 4 was created in a similar way with similar materials.  In addition to that listed above, I added a wide wired ribbon from my stash and used a Spellbinders Edgeability die.  Here's what this card looked like:

  • Card Base: For this one the sides are only 1" wide, giving a wider center piece.
  • Card Front: I cut a piece of patterned paper to the exact dimensions of the whole of my card front (forming a shape that looks a little like a top hat with a brim).  I glued that in place before doing anything else.  Next I put the cocoa die cut piece in place - leaving about 1/4" on the left side of the center part.  I cut a piece of red card stock for a border - using an edgeabilities die to form the scallops.  I wrapped a piece of wired ribbon around this and glued it in place.  I added a red sentiment & red tails (small piece of red 1/8" ribbon) to the center of the ribbon, then glued the entire border in place.  The last thing was adding the little red bow (from kit) to the lower left side of the border.
  • Sides: These were very simple - a strip of the light-colored printed card stock & a narrow strip of red card stock on each side.
  • Inside: Once again, I don't have a picture, but used scraps of the patterned card stock, a "cookie" piece from the kit and a sentiment (Essential book) to complete the inside.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

HD Christmas Classics - Xmas Cocoa #2

This second card, from the Christmas Cocoa die cut sheet (Hunkydory Christmas Classics Luxury Card Collection), is a cutaway card with Acetate!  Very easy to make!  Simply cut away a portion of the card front and replace it with acetate (a border on the inside can hide the glue from the join).  

  • Hunkydory Christmas Classics Luxury Card Collection
  • Essential Book of Christmas Sentiments 2016  (Hunkydory)
  • White "Stitched" Border Dazzles (HOTP)
  • Clear Acetate (I cut mine from packaging materials)
  • Tissue paper that came with floral bouquet
  • White paper
  • Martha Stewart Lacy Doily punch
  • Spellbinders Edgeability die and small die from Labels One
  • Red card stock
  1. Card Base: Cutaway 1 7/8" of card front. Cut piece of acetate same height but 2 1/8" wide and attach behind cutaway edge (or wait until card front has green tissue paper on it if you wish).
  2. Inside: Because you see through to the inside of the card, I found it easier to do the inside first this time!  I started by cutting the gingerbread men border off the printed card card stock (HD kit).  Before adding it to the card, I cut a piece of white paper & created a lacy effect with the Lacy Doily border punch.  Layering the punched "lace" on the left side of the gingerbread men, I glued to the right side of the page as you can see from the picture below.  I cut 3 strips of red star patterned card stock (from the kit) that was 3/4" wide and then cut one edge of each using an Edgabilities die from Spellbinders.  Two of these were placed as you can see here.  On on the border at the far right side of the card.  The other hides where the acetate is glued to the card front.  Inside was finished by adding a die cut bunch of cinnamon sticks from the kit.
  3. Card Front: Cover remaining card front (not acetate) with green tissue paper (using glue stick and smoothing solidly with bone folder).  Put remaining scalloped strip on the left edge of the card front and tuck the focal die cut piece (from kit) behind it.  Add white "Stitched" Dazzles along the edge of this scalloped strip & another on the acetate above the scalloped strip you can see from the inside.  Take gingerbread/lace scrap from the inside of card and place it at an angle as you see.  Mat cream-colored sentiment (essential book) with red cardstock (cut using smallest Spellbinders Labels One die) and place half on card front and half on acetate (glue ONLY to card front).  Add red oval sentiment (essential book) as shown.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

HD Christmas Classics - Xmas Cocoa #1

This is the first of the four cards I got out of the second set of toppers in the Hunkydory Christmas Classics set - the one called Christmas Cocoa.  (Previously I got EIGHT cards from the "Toyshop Window" topper set from this card kit - see "Nearly OSW Toyshop Window" posts from August of 2017.)  I'm calling it a Trifold Flap card - like more traditional tri-folds, but just a narrow 3rd panel that forms a flap.  Here's how I made it:

  • Hunkydory Christmas Classics Luxury Card Kit
  • Pebbles Welcome Christmas Paper pad 
  • Red card stock
  • Ribbon & Braid from my stash, 
  • HOTP Design Tool Kit #1 templates
  • foam tape
  • 5" x 6.5" card base

  1. Card Base - With card open horizontally in front of you (original score line vertical), start measuring from the left side and score a vertical line at 4".  From the other side (right side) score a vertical line at 1.5" (8.5" from left side).  
  2. Front - Cut piece of patterned card stock with hot chocolate focal at 3 3/4" x 6 1/4". Wrap red snowflake ribbon around the bottom edge and glue in place. Wrap a 2nd piece on the left side and cut at an angle part way across the top as shown. Glue it in place. Cut a third small piece - at an angle on both ends, and glue across this ribbon at an angle near the left edge as shown.  Attach panel to front of card. Add greeting (from topper sheet) with foam tape, right where these two smaller ribbons cross.  With foam tape, add cookie cut-outs directly over their spots in the picture (paper tole style). 
  3. Flap - Using largest template from Design Tool Kit #1, draw scallop-style design along the edge of the flap and cut it.  Do the same for two 1 3/8" wide strips of red card stock and sandwich the edge of the flap between the two red pieces - glue in place.  Wrap braid all the way around the flap and glue in place.  Add greeting (from topper sheet) with foam tape right where the ends of the braid join. (See picture above)
  4. Inside - Using the same template as for the flap, cut a piece of red checked paper (from Welcome Christmas paper pad) and mat it on another piece cut from red card stock.  Finish by gluing image from die cut sheet in bottom left corner.