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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Organizing Dazzles and other stickers

Mostly I've been happy with the way I've got my papercrafting supplies organized.  But my Dazzles and other stickers have been an exception.  I've stored them all by color and that doesn't work really well when I want to uses butterflies on a card for someone - for example.  If I DO remember I have them, I'm not likely to remember what color they are so that I can find them - that is, until NOW! :)

Today I decided to go through my stickers and organize them in a way that works better for me.  Borders and "Jewel Dazzles" still make sense to be organized by color, so I've left them where they are, but the rest of my dazzles are now in the notebook you see above.  I used regular sheet protectors for storage.  I left them as is for storing larger sheets of stickers - like the Scrapbooking Dazzles, but the rest fit nicely side by side - except they kept wanting to fall over into each other.  SOOOO, I carefully marked the page protectors down the center with a Sharpie, and then stitched along that line with my sewing machine!  Works fabulous.  Now I have sticker-sized pockets and everything is well organized and easily seen.  YAY!


Bev said...

OMW. What A FABULOUS Idea. I Have HEAPS and HEAPS of Dazzles, That Are Presently Stored In The Little Black File Wallets That Are Specifically Made For Dazzles Storage BY HOTP. However, Even Though All The File Pockets Are Labelled I Still Have To Pull Out Sometimes 20 or More Packets From A Particular Catergory And Then Flip Through Them All To Find The One Packet I Am Wanting. Your Idea Would Make Life So Much Easier and Save Me A Lot Of Wasted Time. I Also Recently Received A Fuse Tool (Thanks Darling Daughter). So Could Easily Seal My Pages. I Am Definitely Going To Use This Idea And Hope You Don't Mind. It Will Not Be Shown On Computer, But, If It Ever Is For ANY Reason, I WILL Credit It Back To You As Per Your Terms. Many Thanks For Your Wonderful Mind. Cheers, Beverley.........

Cheryl said...

Beverly, I'm so glad my idea is helpful to you. Anything to save more time for actually crafting! (And for me it also makes sure I'm more likely to use them because it's so much easier to see what I have!)