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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Challenges with Hunkydory Cards

For the last several days I've been showcasing some of the gorgeous cards that can be made with Hunkydory Kits.  Today I'm back with a couple more cards from the "Flight of the Butterflies Jeweled Edition".   (No, they don't compensate me for showing their products - sure wish they would! 😀)

Over the last few days, I've shown several of the "pre-fab" cards that came in the kit, and these are two more. This time, though the card bases are BEAUTIFUL, I had some trouble with the embellishments that came with them.  They were clearly designed to make themed cards - themes for which I had no use!  I couldn't stand the thought of these gorgeous cards going to waste, but what could I do?  These two cards are the results.

For the purple one, above (made like the one described here), I once again added a metallic ribbon instead of what came in the kit.  I needed a birthday card for someone who likes purple, so thought this could fit the bill nicely.  I ditched the embellishments with the wrong theme, went through the "Essential Book of Pearl Sentiments", and found a birthday sentiment in purple with gold foil which matched very nicely (unfortunately in the picture, the blue surface it is sitting on reflects back on the sentiment to change the color from it's true hue).  Anyway, that sentiment quickly turned this card into the theme I needed!

I went ahead and also put the last of these vellum strip cards together.  This picture shows the inside of the card - which I don't think I've shown on the other cards of this style. 

This card is another whose theme isn't one I'm likely to need any time soon.  Not knowing for sure which theme will be needed next, I embellished the card with a couple of coordinating butterfly die cuts and left a place for a sentiment near the one in the upper right corner.  When the time comes, I figure I can finish it either with something from the Pearl Sentiments book OR make something myself and heat emboss it with gold embossing powder. Either way, I'll have a gorgeous card ready to go in very little time.

1 comment:

Rosie Guiher said...

Beautiful cards Cheryl. I haven't tried the Hunkydory stuff yet. Love the purple one. The butterflies are so pretty down the side.