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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

In the Beginning

As usual, you can read about the spiritual meaning of this page on my other blog - here.  Here's an example of how much work can go into a simple-looking illustration.  Here's what I did:
  • White Gesso (Art Basics) I started by clearing the top and side of the page of unwanted printing by covering it with white gesso.  It took about 7 thin coats - drying between each one with my heat tool - to get the coverage I wanted.
  • Clear Gesso - Next, I put clear gesso over the whole page.  I was pleased to discover that by using the clear gesso over top, I could cut down on the "tooth" of the Art Basics white gesso (which matches my page color much better than the "Diana Wakely one that leaves a better surface).  
  • Scroll & Brush Markers -Using the Scroll side of my marker I wrote "BEGINNING" across the top of the page - then added "IN THE" at the top using the brush side of the marker.
  • Millennium Pen - Under the word BEGINNING, I added the words "GOD CREATED" with my Millennium pen.
  • Pastel Chalks - Using a dark blue and a bright yellow, I created the light/dark pattern you see on the page.  I went over the pattern several times - rubbing it in with a paper towel and with a stiff bristled brush.  I loved what I had when I was done, but the color still wanted to come off, and I sure didn't want it getting all over everywhere.  Soooo I:
  • Clear Gesso -  added clear gesso over the top of the pastel layer to protect it.  I applied it over just the yellow with one foam brush, and over just the blue with a second foam brush since I DIDN'T want everything to just blend together to some sort of green color.  Doing it this way kept the colors pretty separate, but still took color off, so they were not as vibrant as I had wanted.  Sooo I:
  • Scroll & Brush Markers - went over the whole with scroll & brush markers.  I used a paper towel to wipe off the excess as I went along which worked pretty well.  Since they are not opaque, the words are still visible, and the texture I had worked up with the pastels is somewhat there too - though admittedly not quite as nice.
All in all, I'm happy with the page, despite it's lack of perfection.  I learned a LOT in the process of making it!

1 comment:

Becca Sadler said...

I just had to take time to comment: this is such a dramatic impact for opening your Bible! It's like--Wham! God's power of creation can't be ignored!