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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Resplendent Flip Flop

Now that I have my Big Shot back, I've wasted no time in using it!  Today's card is a Flip Flop card I made using my Spellbinder's Resplendent Rectangles dies and an M-bossing Folder.  This Flip Flop card was made similar to the technique shown in this video by TinkerWithInk. I started with a 5 1/4" x 12" piece of card stock, scored at 3 1/8" and at 5 1/4". (Note, what I used was rather thin card stock.  I'd use at least a medium weight next time.)

Using the next to largest die in the set, I centered it on the 3 1/8" score line, with one edge extending a bit past the 5 1/4" line and taped it in place with some low-tack tape.  Next was the tricky part.  I had to line up my cutting "sandwich" so only the parts I wanted to cut got cut.  This meant two cutting passes through the machine.  First, I fed most of the card through (without a cutting sandwich) and lined up the cutting sandwich with the front of the pads aligned along the 3 1/8" score line.  Then I ran it through the die-cut machine, cutting only the part from the front edge up to that score line.  Turning my card around, I ran it through again, lining up the front edge of my cutting sandwich along the 5 1/4" line this time so just the tail end of the die got cut.  Then, I put the whole thing in an embossing sandwich, removing the tape so the embossing step wouldn't embed it too deeply, but making sure the die was still aligned properly. One more pass through the machine (to emboss it this time) and it was time to decorate my card.

I started by folding the card so I could see the front of it clearly, as you see above.  I took the die and placed it over the focal area and, using it as a stencil, shaded in red just on the inside of the die.  I cut the next smaller die shape out of the card stock twice. Saving one for later, I placed my sticker focal on the first, and set it aside.

I found a paper and a tag in my stash that went well with my focal.  Both came from Paper Wishes Christmas Card Kits - though I'm not sure if they were both from the same one.  Opening the card up, I measured  the holly paper and cut it to fit.  I then placed the next to largest die where I wanted it so it would line up with the card, and sent die and paper through the machine.  Saving the die cut for another project, I used the outside piece to cover the left side of the card, matching the cut-out shape and covering the score lines.  Then I re-scored the lines and re-folded the card to make sure it was working correctly. 

Next, using the same die, I cut and embossed a piece of red dotted paper.  Opening the card again, I glued this piece directly on top of the "flip flopped" piece, matching all edges and holes.  Taking the remaining piece of die-cut card stock, I stamped my message on the right side of it.  Then I cut and embossed a corner shape out of a green piece of patterned paper using a die from my new Spellbinders' Holly Motifs set. Using chalks and the die as a stencil, I colored in some accents before adhering it to the left side of the card stock piece.  Taking a sticker similar to the focal on the front, I mounted it on card stock and trimmed around it before adhering it with foam tape for dimension.  I then glued this piece in place on top of the red.  Re-folding the card, I took the piece I had set aside and attached it to the front with foam tape.
Finally, I added the tag so it would look nice on the unopened card, and put a piece of ribbon to visually attach it to the rest of the card.  (Next time it might be nice to plan ahead so the one end of the ribbon could be underneath the patterned paper).

There you have it!  A very fun card to make.  I expect to try it again with slightly different card dimensions and score lines closer together to accommodate some different dies.

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Cheryl said...

I've re-done some of the instructions for this card. Hopefully they will make more sense to folks now! :)