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Tuesday, August 16, 2016


Today's Bible journaling is from Ezekiel, and you can read more about that here.  As usual, on this blog, I'm focused on the techniques used to create the page.

I was really caught by the imagery of eating a scroll filled with "lamentations, mournings, and woe" that tasted like honey - so decided to create a scroll that morphed into a honeycomb.  This was the result (though I wish I had thought to put the scroll over the actual verses to highlight them - rather than just highlighting them in the same color as I did here).

Scroll & Honey: After preparing the page with clear gesso (Art Basics), I started by drawing the scroll on some tracing paper (really incredibly easy to do - look for u-tube tutorials for some easy how-to's - just a couple of curved lines with curls, some straight lines & your done).  Next I drew the honeycomb and dripping honey in the lower right corner.  When this was the way I wanted it, I scribbled on the back of the lines with a soft pencil, then placed it where I wanted it on the page & drew over the lines to transfer the image to my page.  I used a couple of colors of shimmery acrylic paint (Delta) to color my scroll (watering down as needed with my brush to get the effect I wanted).  When it was dry, I outlined it with a black fine-line Sharpie and wrote the words, "lamentations, mourning, woe" on the scroll, and "honey" on the puddle of honey. 

Highlight Text: After finishing the scroll, I decided to highlight the text that the picture referred to - using the same combination of colors I used for the scroll (which was when I realized it would have been nice to have used the scroll here instead! - a bit late for that idea, though. :) )

Background Color:  I decided this bluish Glimmer Mist (sea glass) would be great for the background, but before spraying it, I first cut masks for my artwork and covered it so the spray wouldn't affect it.

Title/Text: Using a fine-point Sharpie, I added the words - hand-drawn.

Bee: As I looked at the page, there was an empty space between the words and the artwork, and the page didn't feel complete.  I realized that talking about sweet coming from painful circumstances, could relate to the bee and it's stinger, and decided I wanted to add a bee.  I had this lovely stamp from HOTP (one of their "Small Stamps"), but knew stamping over what I already had wouldn't work well.  So I decided to stamp in on a piece of my tracing paper!!!  After stamping it and coloring it with my Scroll & Brush markers (and letting it dry), I fussy cut it and glued it to the page with clear gesso! :)  As you can see, it worked well, and had the added benefit that I could go over little pieces with the gesso - kind of like decoupage - to ensure the tracing paper wouldn't come loose.

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