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Thursday, August 25, 2016

A Private Message to Me

As you can read a little about on my other blog, in the course of my Bible studies, I was given a very special message, but it wasn't something I felt was appropriate to post in public media - or even in my Bible where anyone looking through my Bible might see it.  Not knowing for sure what to do with it, I typed it up and left it as a file on my computer.  The picture above shows a summary of the message.

This morning, I came across the file on my computer again and several things came together for me.  Awhile back I had created the page about an open door (you can see a picture of it here. It was basically an opaque page insert with nothing on the back of it (except for a couple of smudges that I REALLY wanted to hide!).  I had wondered what to do on the back of the page.  Because of the slick surface of the page, few media would adhere to it unless I used gesso or something similar on it. 
Today I realized - I could print up my special message on a coordinating paper and put it as a hidden message panel on the back of the open door page!
So that's what I did.  I put a text box in the middle of my page and put the message in it.  As I always do when printing on this type of paper, I used a clear embossing powder and heat embossed the printed message as soon as it came out of the printer - so the ink didn't smear on this slick paper.

When the embossing was complete, I took a paper towel and wiped both sides of the paper to help ensure there were no bits of embossing powder clinging to the paper.  Then I sent it back through the printer to print what you see above, on the back side of the page (and then heat embossed it, making sure to hold the paper from the edge with my hand so what was on the back didn't melt and smear!).

After cutting my panel to size, I attached it on the left side with decorative Washi tape.  I figured I'd use a sticker to hold it closed on the right side, but was afraid that the sticker would stick too tightly to the page.  So-o-o-o, I cut a small piece of paper to serve as backing paper for the overlap, and attached a velcro closure.  This isn't something I'd want to do very often in my Bible because of the added bulk, but since this was going on a page insert rather than a thin Bible page, and since I wanted the message to be more private, I did it that way this once.

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