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Monday, May 27, 2013

Misc Cards

From time to time I've made somewhat generic cards without greetings on them so they could be quickly transformed into a card with whatever greeting I needed.  Lately, I've realized, however, that I too often forget to look at them when I need a card!  I have cards made ahead and arranged by type of occasion.  When a specific occasion arises, I go and look in that section to see what I have that might work.  Unfortunately for me, I seldom think to look in the "Misc" section to see what generic card I might adapt for a specific need! Too often, I just have frantically put a whole new card together!

So, I decided to go through my generic cards and add specific greetings to some of them so they'd be more likely to be used.  So, today's cards are all cards I've already posted on my blog - but they were posted in generic form.  I thought it might be nice to show how I finished them.  This first one was first shown here.  I was amazed how well the "Thinking of You" fit on this generic card.  Love it!  I had been a bit worried because the focal had been added with dimensional tape around the edge and I was afraid I wouldn't get a good impression.  I also didn't know how well plain black stamping would work next to the embossed areas. Before stamping, I made sure to place my card front on a double-thick piece of fun foam and the press reasonably hard when I stamped.  I don't think I could have gotten such a clean stamped image otherwise.  But I was very happy with the result.  It looks like it was originally designed with this sentiment!

This card was of more recent origin - a rather recent post here.  As you can see, I added the "Happy Birthday" greeting to finish it off, by stamping on a small tag cut with a Spellbinder's Decorative Labels 8 die. I matted the tag on a turquoise piece of paper by tracing around the outside edge of the die and cutting on that line.

These last two cards were made using dimensional paint and fun flock.  The one with the pink Iris was finished by adding a stenciled greeting with dimensional paint.  You can see the original here. The tag had already been cut and put with the card - I just had to add the greeting as you see.

The final one was finished with the addition of a small tag (once again cut with a Spellbinder's Decorative Labels 8 die) with a stamped greeting.  You can see the original of this one here.

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