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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Silhouette Cut Titles

As I've mentioned before, I LOVE my Silhouette.  One of the things I use it for most is to make titles for my scrapbook pages.  They can be plain or matted -- sometimes several times.  I can use any font I have on my computer, so I can get just the right look for a page.  In this first example, the title was cut from tan cardstock, matted in blue, and then matted again in black. 

Here are more examples:
 This picture is a bit washed out so you can't see the title as clearly as you should.  It is cut from pink paper and then mounted on white.
This one was cut similarly, but it was matted a second time -- on black to help tie in the darker colors in the picture.
 This page has a LOT of journaling which didn't leave much room for a title - but with my Silhouette, I could make it just the right size.  As you can see, this one was cut out of green and then matted on white. 
And for the final example today, I have an un-matted font.  This font is a bit delicate, but it cut just fine and looks great on this page. 

One thing I use a LOT when doing titles like this is my Xyron sticker maker (the smallest one).  It is much easier to feed my letters through the sticker maker than to try to use other glue.  Before my sticker maker, I either didn't get the letters stuck down as well as I wanted, or I would end up with extra glue on the page - unsightly at best. 

The Xyron takes care of those problems, but I DO have a tip for using it.  Make sure, after you've run things through the machine and before you peel off the top paper, that you rub the entire thing down well with a bone folder or something similar.  Then take an embossing tool or something similar and run it firmly around the edges of your objects.  This helps ensure that you don't end up with sticky glue where you don't want it, and yet have it everywhere you DO want it.

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