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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Tuxedo Cats

Probably the easiest ones to color were the black and white "tuxedo" cats.  For all of the cats, I mostly used my pastel chalks.  The ones I have are a set of 48 from "The Stencil Collection".  I love that they are erasable when you first apply them, but set within 10 minutes or so.  And I like the ease of use.

For this black and white cat, I started by stamping a black image on white card stock.  Using the chalks, I started by coloring the nose & inside of the ears with pink.  Then I added a dark grey - almost black color around the face and body, leaving plenty of white showing as you can see.  I then added black chalk where the lines were on the cat and other places I wanted to be a bit darker (like where one part of the cat would create shadow on another part).

For the eyes, I combined 2 Smooch inks (Green Apple, & Gold Lame') by putting a few dots of the green and then blending with the gold.  I used a bit of pink Smooch ink for the nose. 

I found it looked best if I then went over the lines with a fine-line black felt-tip marker.  (Sharpie's works fine for this.)  The head, body & bow are just sitting loosely at the moment, but I had to see what they looked like.  Won't this make a fine addition to a card?

Here are a couple more black & white cats.

"Peeking" Kittie
Left-facing Kittie


Becca Sadler said...

I'm hoping you will be using these in some cards or scrapbooking layouts this week and will post pics soon!

Cute kittens! I appreciate the tutorial type post! It's great to see what other steps and techniques other crafters use!!!!

Sam B said...

great coloring Cheryl! Love these cats!!!

Cheryl said...

Thanks to both of you. You make taking the time to post worth it! :)

I had fun with these. I figured I'd best do a bit of a tutorial on them for two reasons: 1) I figured others might appreciate it, and 2) I wanted to remember what I had done!!!! :)