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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Christmas Cards

Obviously, I didn't get Christmas cards posted last year.  This was not because I didn't make any, but because I was in such a time crunch that I had no time to take pictures of them before sending them on their way.  I always hate it when that happens because I like to remember what I've done. :(  I DID however, have a few left over and will post those.  

Many of my cards this year were "cannibalized" cards.  (Okay let's call them "recycled" - or perhaps "upcycled" - that sounds better! :) )  I just didn't have the time to create as many focals as I needed for my cards this year, so I used images saved from cards I had received  in years past to create quick and easy focals - and often insides as well.  The 3 cards in this post were all done this way.  For the first card, at the top of this post, I: cut the picture, adhered it to a pastel blue card base, and used silver peel-off stickers to outline it.  I did a similar thing on the inside of the card and added Dazzles greeting stickers to complete it.

Next up is a card made from a lovely card that had sparkle and foil on it - but it was very large and I don't like making my cards so big.  So, I cut off some of the reindeer and used them for the inside of the card.  Dazzles border stickers and greeting finished the card nicely.

Finally was this very simple card front.  I really liked the sentiment and the red foil on it.  You can't see it very well in the picture, but I embossed the front of a plain white card base before adding the red card front.  Very simple, but looked quite elegant.


Sam B said...

wonderful idea Cheryl - I used to have a pattern for cutting the fronts of the cards and making baskets out of them -- still probably have it somewhere but I really like this idea much better!!! (and I don't need any more baskets anyway, lol!)

Becca Sadler said...


I believe in upcycling, too, so don't hesitate to keep showing any of your re-claimed treasures. You're being environmentally friendly too by giving a purchased card one more round of "life".

Sometimes I think it takes a bit more creative thinking to recycle as oppose to following a sketch layout or seeing someone else's creation.

Your recipients will be thrilled to be remembered! Happy mail is so much better than junk mail or receiving bills!!!!!!