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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Design Tool Kit #2

Today's cards are made using Design Tool Kit #2 from Hot Off the Press.  They're an example of how a tool like this can help you create something nice - despite lack of inspiration and a deadline!  Thanksgiving is SO close and I needed more cards! Once again I used the freebie tags from Paper Wishes that I've mentioned in several posts recently.  They make a nice showcase for a stamped greeting.

On this first card, I used similar techniques for re-sizing my template that I mentioned on Monday.  In this case, I used the template, as it was, for the outside of the brown piece.  For the inside (to make the frame) I took another template and drew most of it as is - but drew a straight line across at the top.  After trimming the outside with scissors and cutting the inside with craft knife and scissors (carefully so the inside was intact - see next card), I rough cut a piece of patterned paper to go behind it and glued it together to form a topper.  Some flowers, brads, and my focal greeting complete the topper.

For the card itself, I took the template and drew one edge at a time - right along the edge of the card - making sure the points would line up with the frame I had just made.  The corners weren't complete because the template didn't reach that far, but I simply looked at the lines I had and drew in a rounded shape to join them nicely.  After cutting around the lines I'd drawn on my card, I was able to attach my card topper to finish my card.

This is a smaller card which makes use of the inside piece cut from the inside of the frame for the last card.  It's rather plain, but gives me another card!  I may get them all made yet!  The focal is another freebie tag.  The leaf is an outline sticker from Dazzles Autumn Scrapbooking set - backed with brown paper.  The sentiment is from Tiny Words and Phrases Dazzle set. It was originally gold but we colored it with copper colored ink. (We being myself and my niece who came over to play with me. :) )

Are you all ready for Thanksgiving?  I love the opportunity this day brings to count my blessings and remember the many things I have to be grateful for.  As I've mentioned before, this is what I use my Thanksgiving cards for.  I like to write a note to each person at my Thanksgiving table, mentioning some of the reasons I'm glad they're in my life.  I like to send similar notes to friends and family that have made a special impact on my life in the past year.  This year, one of the many things I'm thankful for is the opportunity to do paper crafting and to share my love of this craft with all of you!  Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

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