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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Journaling Tips 9 - Hidden Journaling

Today's page has journaling that was printed on plain paper, cut out, and glued to tags.  But it also contains HIDDEN journaling (note the "Pull" tab in the bottom left-hand corner of the page).  First, WHY would you put hidden journaling on a page?  There could be a couple of reasons.  There might be a rather private story that you don't want everyone to see (in which case you might not put a very visible "Pull" tab on it!).  Or, you could have a situation like I did here.  I didn't have enough room on the page to tell the story I wanted to tell. So, I HID it behind a picture!  This next picture shows what it looks like when the hidden journaling is revealed:
So, how did I do that?  First, I printed the journaling I wanted on a plain piece of paper, folded it up (fold is about half-way down the journaling) and then glued the top part of it to a piece of cardstock.  I cut a little tab with an exacto knife and wrote the word "Pull" with a white opaque pen.  I mounted the picture carefully with glue on 3 sides, leaving the top open so the journaling could be slipped in behind it.  (In the future, I would make a small envelope with an opening at the top.  Glue the photo to the front and glue the back of the envelope to the page.  This would make for a sturdier pocket.)

One more thing was needed.  Since I keep my pages in page protectors, I needed to cut a slit in the protector where the journaling would slide in and out.  To do this I slipped the page into the protector and used a dry-erase pen to mark the line that needed to be cut.  Then I pulled the page out and slipped a cutting mat inside in its place.  Using a craft knife I cut the slit carefully and then erased the remaining marks from the dry erase marker.  I slid the page back in place (minus the journaling) and then slipped the journaling in through the slit in the page and behind the picture.

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