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Monday, January 16, 2012

Make Your Own - Easter Egg Embellishments

This page told a cute story that just DEMANDED Easter egg embellishments.   I figured I'd just look through my collection of pictures and print some out. However, I didn't have any with the colors I wanted.  This is easy enough to fix if you have good photo editing software.  I simply pulled the pictures into my photo editor and tweaked the color -- increasing the blues, decreasing the reds, until I had the colors I wanted. 

While I think it would have been nicest to print each egg individually and then cut them out and layer them, I really didn't have the time for that.  So, I used my photo software to arrange them all on a blue border and printed them that way.  This made it much faster to cut them all out as they were all one piece a large part of them didn't actually have to be cut.

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