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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Origami Diamond Fold Challenge

Today's card was inspired by this challenge posted on the Paper Wishes Message Board - which in turn was inspired by this post, on Wickedly Wonderful Creations blog.  The stamped decorations are done with the Medallions & Corners acrylic stamp set from Hot Off the Press.  The bird was printed from clip art I got somewhere (probably Scrapbook Flair).

This is a fun fold that creates a diamond in the front of your card for the top flap to slip into.  Here is what it looks like when you open it up.

The basic fold for this card is pretty easy.  You start with an 11 x 11 sheet of paper folded in half diagonally.  Line this fold up with the top of your score board and one corner at the 0-mark.  Then score at 3 1/4" (the instructions said 3 1/8" but for some reason 3 1/4" lined up better for me) and 5 1/2".  Flip it over so the opposite corner is at the 0-mark and repeat the scoring.  This gives you 4 perpendicular scored lines (see drawing below). 
Now, turn the card and draw a score line 3 1/2" from the other tip.  While you can do these score lines with just a ruler if you wish, the Martha Stewart Score Board makes this very easy. For the last score line, you can use the envelope attachment to easily see where that 3 1/2" line should be.

 Now that you have your score lines, go ahead and prefold them all, using a bone folder to make a sharp crease.  Now, see where the 3 1/2" lines cross the 5 1/2" lines?  Cut out the little bit between them, then turn your card so the long straight edge is at the bottom, with the OUTSIDE facing up - like this:
This next part is the trickiest - but is harder to explain than to do.  Working from the OUTSIDE of your card, on each end, take the corner and bring it up to meet the top of that 3 1/4" fold line, opening it up as you do so to create a diamond. Crease the folds.

(The video on the blog post I mentioned above shows this pretty clearly.) 

Now your card is pretty much done, but the edges are open all around.  The only edges you want to leave open are the front diamond that you will tuck the top flap into.  The other diamond will be on the inside of the card and doesn't need to be left open.  Soooo.  Glue all around the edges EXCEPT for that diamond that you want to leave open.   Press all glued edges closed and you are ready to decorate your card.

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