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Friday, December 12, 2014

Hidden Window Spinner Card

Cardstock: White, 2 pieces of  Red 2" X 12"  (one side can be a bit shorter, but must be at least 10" wide)
Spellbinders Cutting Dies: "2010 Heirloom Ornaments", "Holly Accents", "5 X 7 Elegant Labels Four"
Embossing Folders: M-bossabilities "Imperial"
JustRite Stamps: "Deck The Halls", "Noel Christmas Ornaments", "Mix and Match Christmas Blessings"
Embossing Powder: Red, White

Card Base:
  1. Place card stock in front of you (if one edge is shorter, the shorter edge should be horizontal).  Measure 7" from the bottom and draw a dotted line dividing the cardstock into two parts - lower part is 7" high & upper part is 5".
  2. Now rotate card stock 1/4" so 7" wide part is to your left and measure 5" from the bottom.  Draw a dotted line the full 12" long at this 5" mark.  
  3. Next, on the side that is 7" wide, draw a solid line that is 5" from the dotted line (10" from the bottom edge). 
  4. On the 5" wide side, draw a solid line that is 6" from the bottom edge or 1" from the dotted line.
  5. Along the original dotted line (now perpendicular) draw it in solid from the 10" line to the dotted 5" line.
  6. In the bottom right corner, draw a solid line from the original dotted line to the 5" dotted line (diagonal line).
  7. Mark the center of this line you just drew (should be 3 1/2") and draw a dotted line from that mark to the corner formed by the crossing point of the original 7" line & the 5" line (another diagonal line).
     8. Cut on all solid lines.  Score on all dotted lines. 

      9. Using the 2nd piece of cardstock, make a mirror image of the above.
    10. Taping the two together - mirror images facing each other - use a die to cut a hole as shown below:

      11.  Line up the two pieces together with the little flaps hiding in between as you see here.

Now comes the fun part - decorating your card!
I made my "spinner" by stamping and embossing two smaller ornaments (red embossing powder on white paper).  Glue them back to back with a thread running through the center lengthwise.  Then attach the thread inside your card before gluing it together.  NOTE: You will want to wrap the thread at least once around a thin strip of card stock on either end and sandwich it between the sheets to ensure it doesn't pull through!

Then I made a couple of larger ornaments embossed in red just like the smaller ones and attached them to the two inner pages of the card. Next I cut some borders using one of the Holly Accents cutting dies (I cut each strip into two pieces. I needed 4 full strips - 8 pieces after I cut them - to decorate top and bottom of all inner pages).

The front was created in layers: - a piece of white embossed with the M-bossabilities folder - a red frame cut out using the two largest dies in the Elegant Labels Four die set - an ornament cut from red and embossed with white.

Now simply twist the "spinner" and close the card so when your recipient opens the card the spinner will start to spin!

1 comment:

Karenliz Henderson said...

I've never tried making one of these. Hmm I think I may try it.
Beautiful card.