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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Challenge

These two scrapbook pages are about a recent trip to the Japanese Tea Garden in San Francisco.  They were also the result of a REAL challenge.  In honor of World Cardmaking Day, the Paper Wishes message board hosted a lot of fun events.  One of them was a scrapbooking "scavenger hunt".

This scavenger hunt was so much fun.  They had a list of 33 things.  We were to include as many as possible.  Since some of them seemed pretty contradictory, it at first looked like an impossibility to get all of them - but I did it!  This dual-page layout is the result.  It was very challenging and required a lot of thought - and was a lot of fun to complete!

Here is the scavenger hunt list and how it shows up on my pages.

1. something blue
  • Blue brad buddy flower by title on 1st page (and a bunch more stuff if you count the slightly greenish blues that are the main color on these pages)
2. 3 different colored flowers
  • Did this twice on 2nd page - three small ones on word "garden" and 3 on stamped image
3. 1 word title
  • "Garden"
4. bling-bling and more bling -
  • 1st page: gel glitter pen faux stitches; stickles (on border, altered chipboard "G" and flower brad buddy);
  • 2nd page: smooch inks, metallic numbers, butterfly path "innies", stickles (around "garden" brad buddy and on vellum butterfly wings), gel glitter pen faux stitches
5. ribbon -
  • on tags in envelope pocket (2nd page)
6. 4 buttons -
  • one by each of the 4 photos on 2nd page
7. 2 different fonts for your title -
  • Yes, first letter is a different font from the rest
8. ink or paint -
  • Used Stazon ink to stamp my image (upper left hand corner of 2nd page)
  • Smooch inks to color stamped image and decorative parts of butterfly brad
  • alcohol ink to color envelope and buttons
  • enamel paint to cover chipboard letter for title
9. something from Paper Wishes -
  • That's an easy one - most of it is from PW including the green vellum I used and brad buddies
10. card stock patterned paper -
  • Did this on the 2nd page
11. 2 different shapes -
  • One of my square shapes has a heart shape and circle shape on it (2nd page)
12. Border punch or pre-scalloped paper -
  • Used border punch on border on 1st page - Love Story multi-punch
13. 4 different patterned papers -
  • Used 4 different papers from Winter Delights paper pack - two used on border, two different ones used on title/mats - total 4 different papers
14. handmade embellishment using a template -
  • I made the butterfly on heart (2nd page) using the Scandinavian Hearts template
15. sewing or faux stitches -
  • faux free-hand stitching around brad buddy "Garden" on 2nd page
  • faux stitching on the border of each of the 9 blocks on the 2nd page and the photo and title mat on the 1st page
  • more faux stitching around vellum heart
  • real stitching to attach buttons
16. a number or monogram -
  • on the envelope/pocket (2nd page)
17. the colors green AND yellow -
  • several places including brad buddy on 2nd page (flower & word) and stamped image
18. 3 or more photos
  • 4 on 2nd page + 1 on first
19. 2 page layout -
  • Yep
20. handwritten journaling -
  • on the tags
21. monochromatic layout -
  • on one of the tags (green one) - (Here's a picture of this so you can see that it IS a monochromatic layout.)
22. altered chipboard -
  • First letter of title
23. non-traditional scrapbooking item -
  • packet of seeds (and origami crane in envelope with tags)
24. journaling strips or journaling tag -
  • journaling tag in envelope/pocket on 2nd page
25. 7 brads -
  • on 2nd page - 3 holding brad buddy (lower right), 1 is butterfly in upper left corner, and 3 are in the number on the envelope (I didn't have a "1" so had to layer pieces of border sticker!)
26. a heart -
  • bottom left corner of 2nd page
27. vellum -
  • green heart/butterfly in bottom left corner (2nd page)
28. stamps -
  • used one stamp from blossoms & swirls set used in upper left corner of 2nd page,
  • used tiny snowflake stamp from snowglobe small set as flowers on altered chipboard "G"
29. 2 eyelets -
  • on tags on 2nd page
30. a mini-envelope -
  • center of 2nd page, glassene envelope from one of my PW cardmaker packs - colored with alcohol inks and used as a pocket for tags and origami crane
31. a label -
  • used two of the "Luscious Christmas Labels" for tags
  • used label templates from Design Tool Kit #1 for large mats for title
32. lace -
  • Border on page 1
33. Dazzles! -
  • doily under blue flower on first page
  • doily in lower left corner of 2nd page (under heart/butterfly)
Want to join in on the fun?  You can do this in a couple of ways.  You could take the list of 33 items and use it for your own scavenger hunt, OR you could go through your craft room, looking for things you need to use up and that would be unusual and make a scavenger hunt list for yourself!  If you're not a scrapbooker, you could still challenge yourself - to see how many things you could incorporate into a card or other paper craft.  Have FUN!  I'd love to hear about what you've done!

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pennyd said...

This is the first time I've been able to take a really close look at your layout and it is wonderful! You blended all these things so beautifully, it looks effortless - but I know it wasn't!