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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Birthday Card

Here's another papier tole card (papier tole from Hot Off the Press) - this one a birthday card.  Here's the inside:
This card is a little more complicated than it looks.  The bottom layer of the papier tole is on the inside. I wanted the rest to stick out through the window, but they were too large.  However, they were also too small to attach to the front of the card in a stable way. So, I used a piece of clear plastic (cut from packaging material) to cover the hole and taped it on the inside.  The purple flowered paper covers where the acetate was taped to the inside of the card.  The rest of the papier tole was attached to the acetate.  The next to bottom layer was attached to the clear plastic with vellum adhesive to keep it from being too ugly from the inside.  The remaining layers were attached with foam tape for added dimension.

I also need to confess that the original papier tole came with a picture of a bee on it.  A bee for me can have connotations of stinging people and I didn't want that message as a part of my card, so I cut the bee out! The inside picture is the only one where it really made much of a difference, so I took the cut piece with the bee and moved it under the rest so that the bee was hidden, but a portion of the leaf still showed in part of the space where the bee had been, helping the design look better.

The thin border on the front of the card (bottom & around the window) was cut from the scraps of the papier tole sheet.   The sentiment was a silver outline sticker which I colored with alcohol ink to match the borders.

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